TAKE 5: Yankee doodling

Yankees principal owner George Steinbrenner's 78th. To celebrate the occasion, we offer five memorable moments featuring "Seinfeld's" Steinbrenner, whose face we never saw, but whose voice was supplied by Larry David. Episode: "The Secretary" (1994) Setup: George Costanza is trying to get a raise, when Steinbrenner begins reminiscing about the time he was hitchhiking and was picked up by a bakery truck. That leads to a major digression. Quote: "Sure, I like a cupcake every now and then, like everybody else. You know I like it when they have a little cream on the inside. It's a surprise. That's good. Plus the chocolate ones are good, too. Sometimes I just can't even make up my mind. Episode: "The Bottle Deposit 2" (1996) Setup: Steinbrenner is trying to figure out Co- stanza's erratic behavior. Quote: "Let me ask you something, George. You having any personal problems at home? Girl trouble, love trouble of any kind? ... What about drugs? You doing some of that crack ...
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